Spring Product Updates from Keystone Shops

As of March 25, 2018,  Keystone Shops has a wide assortment of product available from two Grower Processors (Cresco Yeltrah and Standard Farms). The most popular products are the oil cartridges used for vaporizing. These products come in disposable pen format and replaceable cartridge format.

Disposable Pens

The disposable pens have the oil and battery integrated into a single device.  The device is “always on” and is activated by a patient drawing on the end of the device. When the oil runs out, a flashing light indicates that it is finished.

Disposable pens are available


The replaceable cartridges provide the ability to use a single, rechargeable battery with a variety of extracted oils in cartridge formats.   These pens provide the ability to set the temperature so the level of heat used to vaporize the oil can be regulated. Currently, Keystone Shops has sativa varieties, indica varieties, and hybrid formulations (a combination of indica and sativa). Sativa varieties tend to be more uplifting and creative in their effects.  Therefore, sativa strains are useful for daytime use. Indicas provide more of a full body effect and are most helpful for relaxation and rest.   Some people use the reminder that indica leads to “in da couch” scenarios where the patient will be more inclined to relax and/or sleep with indica strains.

oil cartridges

At this time, most of Keystone’s products are high THC products with little or no CBD. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana that provides the euphoric effect. CBD is not psychoactive and is known to be anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic (meaning its good for seizures and nervous tremors).


Even more potent than the oil cartridges, various concentrates are available for vaporizing as well. These concentrates have names like wax, budder, and sugar, even though they are not meant for eating. They are concentrated extracts that need special devices (provided by Keystone Shops) for vaporization. The THC levels in these products tend to be even higher than the oil cartridges.

Sugar concentrate
Budder concentrate
Wax concentrate

Some patients do not want to use vaporizing as a form of dosing. Other patients seek to layer treatment with shorter term and longer term effects. In both cases, capsules, tinctures and oral syringes are available. Eventually, topicals like creams and gels will be available. Currently, such topicals are not available in the mix.


Capsules are available in dosages ranging from 2.5 MG through 10 MG dosages. 10 MG of THC is generally accepted as a “standard dose” in the industry. However, some patients new to marijuana find the 10 MG capsules to be too strong so the 2.5 MG and 5 MG versions provide a useful alternative.


Keystone Shops currently has a small supply of tinctures. Tinctures can be applied through a dropper and placed under the tongue. The current tinctures are high THC varieties.


Finally, Keystone Shops also has a small supply of RSO oral syringes. These syringes contain a thick oil that can be eaten directly out of the syringe or blended with oil or butter for baking. The RSO oils are created from fresh plant before it is cured or processed extensively. As a result, the RSO products have a wide range of natural plant extract including natural marijuana terpenes as well as cannabinoids like THC and CBD. As with the other products, the current selections are mostly high THC strains.

RSO Oral Syringe

In April of 2018, we expect four Grower-Processors to be active as Terrapin and Ilera join the existing Grower-Processors. We’ll look forward to a wider variety of tinctures as well as our first batch of topical creams. All the of the Grower-Processors know that there is a shortage of high CBD products. As a result, an influx of high CBD products are expected to arrive in April as well.



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