Know You’re Compliant

As a patient or caregiver registered with the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program, it is essential you understand how to abide by state laws, including knowing what to expect from your dispensary. Since marijuana is still a Schedule I narcotic under federal law, patients should take steps to ensure they are following program regulations. Having Keystone’s legally compliant computerized and bar-coded labeling on each product is just the start.

Here are a couple of quick tips to ensure you are compliant:


Although registered, card-holding patients are legally permitted to possess medical marijuana sold by Pennsylvania-approved dispensaries while in Pennsylvania, it is still federally prohibited to possess or consume marijuana in any form. For this reason, it is a federal offense for patients to cross state lines with their medicine.  Keystone Shops therefore advises patients not to leave Pennsylvania with medical marijuana, whether on an airline flight, down the shore, or anywhere outside Pennsylvania.


While traveling within Pennsylvania, patients should also be aware that medical marijuana products need to be kept in their original packaging, which is consistent with the regulations. Your product should have an adhesive label provided by the dispensary that states the patient’s name and what is contained in the packaging as shown below. Additionally, the grower is responsible for labeling each product with the amount of THC/CBD in the product in addition to state required warning labels.  While traveling, it is recommended that patients keep their medical marijuana ID card on them at all times.

Record Keeping

In order to maintain compliance, dispensaries are required to input all sales and patient data through the prescribed electronic tracking system. Keystone’s meticulous record-keeping practices protect you – our patients, and our records can be used to prove you legally possess any labeled, purchased products. Your dispensary should be able to instantly tell you what you purchased, when you purchased it, and what batch number was sold to you. If your dispensary can’t do these things, your personal safety could be at risk in the event of a product recall, and your legal rights could also be endangered. You can rest assured Keystone Shops maintains fully compliant records on every patient in the tracking system, and that Keystone would be able to contact you individually in the event of a product recall and prove that your exact labeled product was legally dispensed to you at Keystone. At the time of purchase, Keystone will provide you with a computer-generated, itemized receipt listing what you purchased, the date you purchased it, and what dispensary location conducted the transaction. Keystone’s receipt is there to protect you, our patient. You should always receive a receipt with similar information as depicted below.

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