Grower Spotlight: Cresco Yeltrah

Every month we will be spotlighting one of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana cultivators, beginning with September’s Featured Grower, Cresco Yeltrah. Throughout the month of September, we will be highlighting some of our favorite products and strains from CY. In addition, this Friday, September 14th Cresco Yeltrah will be joining us at our King of Prussia location throughout the day to answer any questions – be sure to stop by and say hello!

Name: Cresco Yeltrah
Located: Brookville, PA
Founded: 2013
Operating in: PA, IL, OH, NV (Cresco Labs)
HQ: Chicago, IL

In June 2017, Cresco Yeltrah burst their way into the Pennsylvania cannabis scene, with the second highest application score. Cresco Yeltrah is born from Cresco Labs, which originated in the midwest, and the Hartley family, a local business owning family in southwestern PA. Currently, they are one of only four vertically integrated medical cannabis operations. This means Cresco Yeltrah is licensed as both a grower/processor, in Brookville, PA, and operates three dispensaries, in southwest PA.

In PA, Cresco features both a wide variety and multiple lines of products, known as Cresco, Remedi, and Reserve. Cresco products are subdivided into Rise, Refresh, and Rest. These products are color-coded as red for sativa (Rise), green for hybrid (Refresh) and blue for indica (Rest). 

The Remedi product line focuses on CBD products. These products may come in the form of a 1:1 or higher CBD ratio, and come in both inhalation and non-inhalation based forms. The Reserve line by Cresco features a premium line of cannabis products, with high terpene concentrations. Reserve cartridges are liquid live resin, offering a full flavor profile.

As a company, Cresco Yeltrah continues to go farther. Recently, the Midwest-based company announced the intention to expand their vertically integrated market to California, Arizona, and Nevada. With a grow facility already selected in Mendota, CA, Cresco Yeltrah hopes to have their full product line released in late 2018. Both the Arizona and Nevada expansions will take place in existing operations.


Infused Lotion

Remedi marijuana-infused lotion is absorbed through the dermis for patients looking for a solution for localized relief. Lotions are a great solution for individuals who want to avoid oral consumption methods. Cresco’s lotion is infused with 100mg of THC and expertly blended with premium essential oils known for their amazing healing properties.

Liquid Live Resin Cartridges

Cresco liquid live resin has the full flavor of the best in class live resin. Crafted from premium fresh-frozen flower, this butane extracted oil is blended with high terpene full spectrum cannabis oil to provide maximum aroma, potency, and flavor.

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)

Cresco RSO is a great option for patients who don’t want to vaporize or are uncomfortable swallowing capsules. Used orally, RSO can be absorbed through the mouth sublingually, or swallowed and ingested. RSO is the perfect form of medical marijuana to be added to home recipes. Packaged in 500mg syringes, Cresco RSO can be accurately dispensed for whatever method of consumption is preferred.

Infused Capsules

Remedi infused capsules affect patients via ingestion. Capsules are swallowed and absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract for slow onset and long-lasting effects. Capsules are precision dosed with a super-critically extracted marijuana concentrate which has been winterized and infused with coconut butter prior to filling. They are available in multiple formulations, giving patients the ability to select the option that is best for them.

Make sure you stop by this Friday, September 14th, at our King of Prussia shop located at 367 S. Henderson Road, where Cresco Yeltrah will be throughout the day to answer product questions!



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