Grower Spotlight: Terrapin Care Station

We are very excited to announce that Terrapin Care Station is October’s Grower/Processor of the month. Terrapin, which is located in Jersey Shore, PA, provides cannabis medicine in the form of oils, leaf, tinctures, and capsules. 

Name: Terrapin Care Station
Located: Jersey Shore, PA
Founded: 2009
Operating in: Pennsylvania, Colorado
HQ: Colorado


Located in Avis, Pennsylvania, Terrapin is a multi-state grower/processor. Founded in 2009, Terrapin first opened as a medical marijuana provider in South Boulder, Colorado. In 2010, Terrapin Care Station was licensed as a grower processor in Boulder, Colorado.  TCS, along with the company founder, Chris Woods, have advocated for adult-cannabis use and the addition of PTSD to medical marijuana programs, while expanding to five Colorado storefronts. In 2017, Terrapin was awarded a grower-processor license in the state of Pennsylvania.

Currently, Terrapin offers products in dry leaf, cartridges, tincture, applicator, and capsules. Capsules and tinctures are made using an MCT oil base and are vegan and gluten free. Dry leaf  can be found in 19 different strains and vaporizer cartridges, which are made using a distillate base, provide full strain flavor from the cannabis derived terpenes. Applicators from Terrapin feature activated cannabinoids and are a powerful product. Terrapin products are also known by their iLine. Each iLine has a different ratio of THC to CBD. These lines range from THC only in iCAN, to a high 1:5 THC: CBD in the iREM line.

Did you know that Terrapin focuses on veterans in our community? As a company, they have resolved to create a workplace of 30% veterans and regularly work with the community in veterans assistance. They want to focus on delivering the highest-quality medical marijuana to veterans suffering from PTSD or opioid-use disorder.


Terrapin Care Station has a wide variety of extracted, infused, and dry leaf products available.

Distillate Cartridges

Terrapin vaporizer cartridges are made using a distillate base, which is blended with cannabis derived terpenes. This creates a diverse range of flavor profiles.


Terrapin capsules are combined in an MCT oil base and offer a smokeless way to deliver reliable medicine. There are a variety of iLine capsules, including high CBG capsules, iVent.


Terrapin applicators deliver pure and potent distillate. This oil is already activated and thus ready to use. This product can be vaped or eaten.


Terrapin tinctures are an easy-to-dose non-inhalation method of cannabis medication. Cannabis oil is blended with MCT oil. All tinctures by Terrapin are vegan and gluten-free.

In addition to their extracted products, Terrapin also offer a wide variety of strains in dry leaf form. Here are just some of our favorites.


Grapefruit Durban

Moonshine Haze

Space Monkey

Be sure to let us know which grower you would like us feature next month!

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