Grower Spotlight: Standard Farms

Keystone Shops is pleased to announce our Grower/Processor of the Month, Standard Farms! This Pennsylvania based G/P has been providing high quality medical cannabis products to Pennsylvanians since March, 2018. Their CO2 extractions deliver a clean and pure product in the form of vape cartridges, applicators, capsules, and tinctures. Standard Farms also offers dry flower! Meet the people behind the product at Standard Farm’s Day on November 7th at King of Prussia!

Name: Standard Farms
Located: White Haven, PA
Founded: 2017
Operating in: Pennsylvania
HQ: White Haven, PA 

Standard Farms is an innovative Grower/Processor based in the small, Southeastern town of White Haven, PA. Although this grower is only currently operating in Pennsylvania, they’ve got big plans about the cannabis industry. Behind every product delivered by Standard Farms is their motto, Grown Modern. This motto encompasses their mission in the cannabis industry, to be the standard bearer. They do this by focusing on state of the art greenhouse growing technology for their cannabis plants. The high quality oil produced by Standard Farms is extracted via a carbon dioxide close looped system to provide a clean and safe product. With a focus on naturally derived ingredients, plant derived terpenes cannabinoids are also used, often for viscosity, to adopt full strain profiles. All Standard Farms products are not only tested in a DOH approved laboratory, they are tested in-house as well. Products can be found with a descriptive profile breakdown on each container. Standard Farms has a wide variety of extracted, infused, and dry leaf products available.

CO2 Cartridges 

CO2 oil extracted vape cartridges from Standard Farms offer a fast and effective method of consumption. The high quality ceramic heating elements allow for an efficient use of the oil. All cartridges are CO2 extracted and blended with plant-derived terpenes to create strain profiles.


These flavorless, CO2 oil capsules are a quick and discrete way to dose for long-lasting coverage. Capsules are pre-dosed, precise, and easy to use.



Standard Farms tinctures provide an easy, sublingual delivery of precise CO2 extracted cannabis medicine. These are in an MCT oil base and organically flavored.


These potent CO2 syringes contain only cannabinoids and plant-derived terpenes. This means patients get pure, high quality medicine in each dose. Standard Farms syringes are packaged in heat and fracture resistant glass.

Since August, Standard Farms also provides a variety of dry flower. Here are a few of the strain currently grown modern at Standard Farms.

Blue Dream 

Cinderella 99








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