Black Friday Specials

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Black Friday

Select 500mg Cartridges – $40

Ilera – Shine 1:1
Ilera – Breathe 2:1
Ilera – Soothe 5:1
Ilera – Dream 8:1
Cresco – Chocolope
Cresco – Durban
GTI – Banana Split
GTI – Sunset Sherbert
Prime – Citrus Haze
Prime – Cookies & Chem
Prime – Afghan Blend
Standard Farms – Super Silver Haze
Standard Farms – Mazar
Standard Farms – Mendo Breath
Standard Farms – 1:1

All Cresco Reserve Products – $50

All non-discounted Extracted Products – 20% off (up to a $500 purchase)

Small Business Shatterday

Select Cresco Grams – $50

Cresco – Greenline OG (Sugar)
Cresco – Punxy Punch (Shatter)
Cresco – Reserva Privada (Sugar)
Cresco – 707 Headband (Pull ‘N Snap)
Cresco – OG 18 (Pull ‘N Snap)
Cresco – Keystone Kush (Shatter)

Select Moxie Concentrates – 40% off ($60 Grams / $30 Half-grams)

Moxie – Casey Jones (Live Sauce)
Moxie – Super Lemon Haze (Sugar)
Moxie – Tangie (Badder)
Moxie – Lemon Cookies (Badder)
Moxie – Slymer (Sugar)
Moxie – Grape Valley Kush (Badder)
Moxie – Jesus OG (Badder)
Moxie – Viper City OG (Shatter)
Moxie – Viper Cookies (Badder)

All non-discounted Concentrates – 20% off  (up to a $500 purchase)

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