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Meet Dr. Sara Abbruzzi, a board certified and medical marijuana certifying doctor, located in King of Prussia! She joined Herbal Wellness Rx in November 2018. This is a group of 3 female physicians working to help patients gain access to medical cannabis. Much of her experience stems from her background in palliative care, where she was able to intimately learn about pain and serious illnesses. As a practitioner she has watched her patients benefit from the multi-symptom relief of cannabis products and wants to help others find relief in the same way. Read on to learn more about our interview with Dr. Abbruzzi:

Why did you get into the medical marijuana business?

I have been a palliative care physician for over 10 years.  In this specialty, I help to manage the symptoms associated with serious illnesses.  Those symptoms can include pain, nausea, anxiety, insomnia and loss of appetite to name a few.  So much of what we prescribe patients is ineffective and has significant side effects and toxicities.  I was asked to see a patient about 6 months ago who was so sick from her cancer. She had pain, nausea, vomiting and weight loss.  Nothing we gave her helped. It was so awful to watch her suffer like that. I felt useless. It was this patient that led me to begin learning about cannabis and its medical benefits.  What I have learned has been astonishing. I am so grateful medical marijuana has become an available option for my patients.

What has your experience been like in the program?

My experience thus far has been overwhelming and gratifying all at the same time.  Learning about cannabis has not been easy and I continue to learn new things every day.  It can certainly be an overwhelming experience for patients given all the choices out there.  That’s why I like to spend a lot of time with them and simplify things, making the process less intimidating.  Ultimately it’s been incredible to hear a patient finally report relief from a symptom or disorder they have been struggling with for years

What is your favorite aspect of the marijuana community:

I love that all those involved are willing to put the social stigma and judgment aside because we know the medical benefits are real and vast.  

Dr. Abbruzzi sees patients in her King of Prussia office located on Shoemaker road. You can learn more about her group at A complete list of the Pennsylvania-registered physicians can be found here:

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