Product Spotlight: Bubble Hash

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Solventless, full spectrum, pure Bubble Hash is an carefully curated concentrate that leaves behind little to no residual solvents. To make bubble hash, the harvested buds are first frozen, then soaked in ice water. Next, the frozen buds are agitated and filtered through filtration bags with small, mesh holes. The frozen trichromes break apart more easily from the buds, resulting in a separation of the oil rich trichromes from the plant material. This extraction process is repeated several times, with bags using progressively smaller mesh, usually in the micron range. This filters out excess plant material. The product is then dried to remove any excess water.

So what makes solventless extractions so special? Solventless extractions do not require the use of any chemicals and therefore do no contain residual solvents. Bubble Hash is also full spectrum, which means it contains are variety of different cannabinoids and terpenes and encourages the entourage effect.

Bubble Hash can be rated on 1 to 6 scale depending on the quality of the overall product and trichrome content. High quality bubble hash is called full melt, as it contains so little plant matter that it will vaporize cleanly on a nail and not leave behind residue.

A lot goes into creating a high quality Bubble Hash! This careful process requires not only copious amounts of sifting, it can also be largely dependent on the strain. The end product is a beautiful, sandy like concentrate of resin glands.

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Becca is Keystone Shops' Marketing Manager

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