The Joy of Sox

Did you know the number one requested clothing item at homeless shelters are socks? Every year, thousands do not have access to basic necessaries like socks. Shelters may provide warm clothing, food, lodging, but not socks. This lack of socks rapidly evolves into a larger concern. Extensive foot problems, as well as frostbite, gangrene, and infections, are common, especially in cold area.

Why are socks not being given in shelters? To answer it simply, socks are seldom donated. Donated socks must be new and unused, which often don’t meet the criteria for donated goods.

Meet the The Joy of Sox, a charity organization in Radnor, PA, who is making big waves as they challenge this fact. With a vision to provide a few new pairs of socks to every homeless person, they got started in Philadelphia. The Joy of Sox raises awareness, holds sock drives, distributes socks to the homeless, and raises funds to support their cause.

You can help Keystone Shops support The Joy of Sox in one of two ways! First, donate to any of our in-store donation jars. 100% of the proceeds go towards The Joy of Sox! Second, bring in new, unused socks! Any pair is appreciated, although thicker, dark socks are in high demand.

Visit their website at:

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