Grower/Processor Spotlight: Moxie

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McKeesport, PA



Operating in:

California, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania


Meet Moxie, the West-coast based G/P. In 2017, Moxie teamed up with PurePenn, a local company of like-minded PA business leaders. Together, they forged Moxie/PurePenn, a G/P, with a goal to exceed all expectations. One of the ways Moxie plans to do this is by producing high quality products, such as their live resin products. These products are harvested at the peak of freshness, placed in vacuum-sealed bags, and then placed in deep frozen storage.Next, a light hydrocarbon is used to extract the medicinal oils from the plant material. Last, the product will be placed in a vacuum for two to three days to remove all solvents. The result in clean, high quality cannabis products. Patients may also know Moxie for their Liquid Moxie cartridges. These distillate based cartridges are blended with terpenes to provide smooth draw and a wide variety of flavor options.

Within their community, Moxie/PurePenn is committed to giving back. They work with the McKeesport Community Fund, which allocates funds to local groups, as well as pledge to hire locally and at rates double minimum wage. In addition to all this, Moxie facilities are designed with sustainability in mind and even reclaim nearly all water on site.

Featured Products:


Moxie concentrates are live, frozen immediately after harvest, featuring fresh terpenes and full flavor

Live Resin

Live resin cartridges are produced using flower that has been frozen at the peak of harvest and extracted for a full terpene profile

Liquid Moxie

Liquid Moxie cartridges are produced using distillate and terpenes for full flavor cartridges

Featured Flower Strains:

Sour Grape

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