Grower/Processor Spotlight: Vireo Health


Vireo Health


New York



Operating in:

Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Rhode Island, Arizona, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico and Puerto Rico


Scantron, PA


[email protected]


Vireo Health is a physician-led organization who believes in formulating medical products using the highest-quality scientific methods. Dr. Kyle Kingsley, Founder & CEO of Vireo Health, witnessed medical marijuana positively impacting on of his patients and began to see a benefit to this plant. Today, the Vireo team is made up of many healthcare professionals, including physicians, scientists, and horticulturalists. They are very excited to continue expanding into the cannabis industry and currently have 5 pending acquisitions, which allows for Vireo Health in 11 states.

Featured Products:


Vireo Red- 19:1 Jack Herer

THC dominant with trace CBD

Vireo Yellow- 6:1 Granddaddy Purps

THC dominant with significant CBD component

Vireo Green- 1:1 OG Kush

Balanced THC and CBD content

Vireo Blue- 1:6 Tangie

CBD dominant with significant THC component


Vireo Indigo- 1:19

CBD dominant with trace amount of THC

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