What is a Nectar Collector?

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For those who don’t know me, I’m Nicole! I’m a technician and patient at Keystone Shops. This is my first blog post for Keystone, so please bear with me while I refine my writing voice; those who know me will understand that my normal silliness may not translate well in this education for the masses. But, on to why we have gathered here! One of my favorite methods of ingesting my medicine- NECTAR COLLECTORS! In this blog post I’ll be covering what nectar collectors are, how to use them, and why I prefer them to dab rigs. And away we go…

What is a nectar collector, Nicole? What do I use them to do? Well! A nectar collector is a way to vaporize your concentrates (wax, budder, sugar, sauce, diamonds, shatter, etc.). It’s almost straw like, and can be made of quartz, glass, titanium, and sometimes silicone for the body. It consists of a mouthpiece, a hollow, tube-like body, and a tip. Some have a water feature, which will first filter your vapor through water, giving you a ‘lighter’ inhale that’s less harsh. I, personally, have two nectar collectors. One is a silicone body with a removable tip made of glass. I love this piece because it was cost effective and my accident prone self cannot break it. My other nectar collector is all glass with water filtration and a quartz tip. This one is great for my high terpene concentrates because it really highlights the flavor; it did cost a bit more though. What kind of nectar collector you get is completely up to you, I prefer quartz or glass tips, but I know plenty of people who love titanium tips instead.

Glass tip Nectar Collector
Titanium tip Nectar Collector

“BUT NICOLE! How do I use this weird glass straw,” you may be screaming at your screen. Easily, I promise, I’d scream back if I was in the mood to scream. Step one: Come see us at Keystone for your concentrate need! Any consistency will be a breeze with your nectar collector. Step Two: Go home, get comfy, get out your nectar collector, dual or tri-flame butane lighter, concentrate, and, if you’re like me…dab mat (simple silicone container) and metal tool. I like to use a dab mat and tool because they allow me to have more control over the size of my dab, however, you’re free to use your concentrates directly out of their containers. Now for the main event, folks… as I just said I prefer to use a dab mat, so you can skip this first step. I like to portion out a medium sized dab using my metal tool (about the size of a mini M&M, please be cautious and dose much smaller than this if it’s your first rodeo or you’re newer to concentrates; my tolerance is NOT the standard). I place this onto the inside of my dab mat, which again, is made completely of silicone, so it’s safe to place my heated nectar collector against it. AND THENNNN (pick up here if dab mats are not for you), I grab my dual flame butane lighter and nectar collector, holding my nectar collector by the body I engage my lighter and hold it to the tip until the tip is orange (red hot, usually around 30 seconds, depending on the material the tip is made of). Then I’ll put my lighter down, grab my dab mat, and while the tip still has a faint glow I place it against my dab mat, with my mouth on the mouthpiece, a few centimeters from my concentrate, and ease my way over to my concentrate. I’ll begin inhaling as soon as I make first contact with my concentrate, moving the tip of my nectar collector over it and around it, to ensure I’ve vaporized and inhaled all of it. The other reason I prefer to have a dab mat around is because afterwards, my nectar collector is still hot. You can safely place your still hot hot nectar collector onto a silicon mat. 

Butane Lighter
Silicon dab mat & tool

I know this sounds like a lot, but I promise that start to finish using concentrates with a nectar collector will take less than five minutes. I’ve been using my cheaper nectar collector for months, daily, and it’s still going strong, so please don’t think you need to spend a lot of money to get started. My initial set up cost me under $40, and like I said, it’s held up perfectly. I definitely prefer them to dab rigs for a few reasons. 1) I don’t like dealing with big flames. As previously stated, I am accident prone. Torches are not an ideal choice for me because they can be cumbersome and the large flame they create can overwhelm me. 2) There is too much needed for dab rigs for my comfort. I lose or break everything, including carb caps, which can be made of glass, quartz, or other material. 3) I’m less comfortable with leaving a piece of glass red hot for an extended time period. With dab rigs, you have to heat the bottom of your banger, which retains heat for longer than the thin tip of a nectar collector. It’s a no thanks for me.

About The Author: Nicole!

This is intimidating, writing about myself… I’ve been with Keystone since the beginning of 2019, but I’ve been growing my cannabis knowledge for well over a decade now. I’m that technician on the floor who’s almost always dancing, singing, or cracking a joke. I have a lot of opinions (probably too many, if we’re being quite frank) on a variety of topics, my favorite being marijuana. In my free time I enjoy tye-dying, nannying, generally causing a ruckus on social media, and learning about astrology and conspiracy theories. If you ever need a target for a bad dad joke- I’m your tech! I genuinely hope you enjoy my posts, and hope to see some feedback and opinions!

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