Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Flower Shortage

As many of our patients are already aware, there has been a state-wide flower shortage, contributing to less available product and smaller menus. Unfortunately, this shortage is taking place across all of PA. 

Why is there a flower shortage in PA? 

There are two reasons. First, in December 2018, Phase 2 of the PA medical marijuana program was announced. Phase 2 allowed for new permits for dispensaries and new permits for growers. Since then, many of these dispensaries have become operational and draw on the already limited supply of flower being produced by operational G/Ps. Although it takes longer for growers to become operational, in the coming months, Phase 2 growers will also become operational, allowing for more product. Unfortunately, until Phase 2 G/P are operational the existing G/Ps must serve the growing dispensary and patient base. 

Second, in July 2019, the PA medical marijuana program expanded to include two new conditions, Anxiety and Tourette’s. The expansion of the medical conditions allowed for nearly 3,000 newly qualified patients to become cardholders, in less than the span of a month. This number is expected to continue to grow. This surge in patients comes at an inopportune time, as Phase 2 roll outs have already compromised existing product.

How can Keystone Shops help? 

Fortunately, this is a temporary problem. As Phase 2 growers become operational, more flower and other forms will be available for purchase. In addition, existing growers, like PurePenn/Moxie and Cresco Yeltrah, have increased their flower production, which can be expected for harvest in several weeks.

At Keystone Shops, we realize that however temporary the shortage, it still makes it harder for our patients to find the medicine they need. Not having access to dry flower can send patients to trying other forms and methods of MMJ. If you are struggling to find a comparable product, speak to one of our knowledgeable technicians about other options. In addition, as our way to ease the burden of the shortage, we are offering $5 off all autodraw batteries whenever one of our locations has less than three strains of flower. 

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