Keystone Kares: Hope Grows for Autism

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Keystone Shops is proud to support Hope Grows for Autism for the month of November. Based out of Narberth, PA, Hope Grows for Autism is an organization that aims to help families affected by autism through the education and advocacy of medical marijuana. 

Founder Erica Daniels’ son, Leo, was diagnosed with autism in 2007. Through various trials made in an effort to give Leo the highest quality of living, Erica and Leo found great success with using medical marijuana, improving the lives of not only Leo, but also that of their entire family. Erica then created the organization Hope Grows for Autism with the mission to improve the lives of families everywhere through research, advocacy, and education of medical marijuana. Hope Grows for Autism also offers financial assistance to families who have difficulty affording treatment so that every family has the same opportunity to help their family members affected by autism as best they can. Through her work with Hope Grows for Autism, Erica Daniels has become internationally recognized as both a medical marijuana and autism advocate, as well as a published author (including a cookbook with her son Leo), and public speaker.

Donations to Hope Grows for Autism help families in a number of ways. It helps fund patient assistance programs for autism patients as well as funding family grants for patients and their families. It also supports Hope Grows for Autisms continuing advocacy and education reach larger audiences through community outreach, as well as through facilitating international research for medical marijuana and autistic patients.

Hope Grows for Autism has helped numerous families be able to live their best possible lives with medical marijuana. For more information or to become a Hope Grows member, go to the Hope Grows for Autism website. Donations can also be made on the website or at any Keystone Shops location. 

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