Grower Spotlight: gLeaf

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Name: Green Leaf Medical (gLeaf)
Located: Bedford County, PA
Founded: April 2014
Operating in: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virgina, Ohio
HQ: Fredrick, Maryland
Contact: 301-662-2222

Before making a home in PA, gLeaf originated in Maryland, proudly serving the Maryland medical marijuana community as “the right choice for Maryland Medical Marijuana patients.” Formerly referred to as “Green Leaf Medical,” they testified on behalf of the cannabis community and hosted conferences for both medical professionals and patients to educate on medical marijuana treatments. 

gLeaf is one of the recent growers to be given a Phase 2 grower/processor license. In October, 2019, they started distributing their products throughout dispensaries in Pennsylvania. With a 100,000 square foot facility in Bedford County, PA, gLeaf houses over 200 genetics and a state of the art extraction lab.

gLeaf prides themselves on innovation, creating, and processing unique strains that aim to address any and every patient’s needs. Their irrigation system is designed to deliver the nutrients and create the pH levels so that every plant reaches its maximum genetic potential. Not only that, gLeaf also makes a concerted effort to reduce their carbon footprint and employ growing, processing, and extraction methods that serve this purpose. 

Featured Products:

Dry Flower

gLeaf provides a vast selection of high quality, grade-A flower, grown to reach its highest possible potency. Every strain is tended to meticulously in a cutting edge irrigation environment to have a handle on quality control.


gLeaf aims for absolute purity and potency with their concentrated extracted products. A variety of extraction techniques are utilized to create the various consistencies and textures of concentrates.

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