Keystone Kares: Balanced Veterans

Keystone Shops is thrilled to partner with Balanced Veterans as our first Keystone Kares of the new year. Balanced Veterans is an organization whose mission is to create a safe space for the education, empowerment, and advocacy of alternative therapies for veterans. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, (with locations in California and Oklahoma), Balanced Veterans aims to serve the greater Philadelphia and Pennsylvania veteran community, as well as improve the lives of veterans everywhere. 

The veteran community is strong, but it is also a community that faces many health issues including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. The trauma of these health issues has created an opioid abuse and suicide epidemic in the veteran community. Balanced Veterans advocacy and education of alternative therapies are meant to provide an ideally longer-term solution to the many aforementioned health issues that the veteran community suffers from. It is their strong belief that medication alone is not enough to help the veteran community. Rather it requires an open and safe setting, with healthy dialogue and holistic healing practices, which is exactly what Balanced Veterans provides. Balanced Veterans are also advocates of the PA MMJ program, as they are also proponents of all the help the medical marijuana can offer. 

Though veterans make up for less than 10% of the United States population, they provide an honorable service to our country. In return, we can show them appreciation for their service by supporting their community in combating the mental health, opioid, and suicide epidemic that plagues it. You can make donations all month long in the charity jars that are available at all the Keystone Shops locations.

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