Keystone Kares: The Joy of Sox

Keystone Shops is excited to feature The Joy of Sox as our Keystone Kares for the second year in a row! The Joy of Sox has a simple mission, to provide joy to the homeless with new socks. 

But why socks? Socks are actually the most in-demand item for the homeless; unlike other used articles of clothing, used socks are usually thrown out. Socks are an integral part of not only keeping warm but also protecting feet and keeping them healthy. The environmental exposure that homeless people face without socks can cause sores, frostbite, gangrene, and other infections. In worst-case scenarios these conditions get so severe that some of the homeless people suffering from these conditions end up having to get their toes or even entire feet surgically removed. So this seemingly small, kind gesture of donating socks can actually make a huge difference in someone’s life. 

The Joy of Sox’s simple mission is to provide homeless people with new socks. As a Philadelphia based organization, they have provided new socks to the homeless throughout the greater Philadelphia area and across Pennsylvania. What’s more? They’ve even been able to reach 30 different states including New York, Wisconsin, and Texas, as well as spread their joy on an international level, reaching Canada, Mexico, The U.K., Uganda, and Afghanistan. 

The Joy of Sox does three things: they collect and purchase NEW socks, distribute socks to the homeless, and raise funds to purchase more new socks and run their operations. So how can you help? All month long you can give monetary donations in the Keystone Shops charity jars and, if you feel so compelled, donate NEW AND UNUSED socks at any of our locations. 

You can find out more about The Joy of Sox here

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