Medical Marijuana & Neuropathic and Chronic Pain

By: Lou Pirano, Dispensary Technician

Hello humans! My name is Human! (Just my favorite song, sorry!) I am Lou, and I work as a dispensary technician over with those groovy characters at Keystone Shops King of Prussia! I am writing not only because I love too, but also because I know this situation all too well already. I am living proof of WHY AND HOW cannabis has helped with chronic pain from fibromyalgia to neuropathies to PTSD. PAIN IS TEMPORARY, BUT ALSO REALITY FOR SOME. That’s just no way to live, and now we don’t have to!

The point of this blog is to describe HOW and WHY cannabis can be a better alternative than the MAJORITY of medicines out there (at least for me!). I am a patient. First, I understand what it’s like to be a guinea pig with physicians from primary doctors to specialists like neurologists. It is so overwhelming, heartbreaking, sometimes hopeless. I was prescribed medicines. About 6 total DIFFERENT at once before. I don’t even like to take Advil, or Mucinex. Throughout the years of being injured, I found cannabis. Cannabis gave me relief all through the years, inflammation, sciatica, neuropathies, social activities, family events, and it helped my mind with trauma. I fought to get it medically available and I am beyond thankful to be in the industry working and helping others. Stuff like this, I love. 

So, now the hard part…what exactly is chronic pain? Chronic pains are persistent pain signals in the nervous system that can last anywhere from weeks to years. It is not curable, like fibromyalgia and neuropathies. People may ask, “well what does it feel like?” The pain can be an ache, electric, spasms, dull, throbbing, sharp, burning, and pins and needles. In some cases with fibromyalgia “fibro flares,” your muscles flare-up, spasm, and tension can be felt throughout the body. Then, chemotherapy pain. Chemotherapy pain can range from aching muscles and joints, headaches, burning, numbness, and sharp shooting pains.

So? HOW DOES IT HELP?! Cannabis has helped patients for various reasons. Chronic pain can be anything from back pain to intestinal pain and chemotherapy. I asked some fellow patients, and they said that the strain “Sojay Haze” was a great sativa for them (for daytime use) because it helped with their INFLAMMATION from their stomach or muscle and nerve pain, allowing them to play with their children that day. Keystone Shops staff member and MMJ patient Katie says, “Sojay Haze is really great for relieving the pain and discomfort that I have with my stomach issues.” I sell a lot of the “THC PAIN CREAM BY CRESCO” and I buy it as well. I love the fast onset; when I get done a long day and my back is flared up, I instantly feel the inflammation go. I am a HUGE INDICA patient. I can go indica all day long. Why? Indicas often tend to have more of the TERPENES that I work with for my symptoms. Myrcene can be great for muscle pain, muscle relaxation, and relaxing alone. Linalool is very fresh like lavender and it can be sedating, allowing me to actually lay on a heating pad for a little if need or lay on the floor and get a good stretch in. It also gives me a little bit of creativity, which I do not mind at all. Caryophyllene can be great for inflammation and pain, even alcohol cravings. When I hear about muscle pain or an ache I think myrcene and caryophyllene. Limonene can also be a great terpene for pain. It’s a very citrusy terpene that can be very uplifting. With pain, depression can come hit hard, and it causes a vicious cycle. It’s not just pain, it’s depression, it’s guilt, it’s anxiety, it’s insomnia. I GET IT. So when you are in pain and feeling down or bad for yourself, PICK YOURSELF UP with a little limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene. Stop inflammation, uplift, and relax.

If you have severe pain like I do, every single day you can feel pins and needles, aching, dull, spasms, pain, fibromyalgia, electricity feelings through your body. A great possible option is an RSO, because it can last 4-8 HOURS. What is RSO, Lou?! RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil. It is a pure cannabis extraction that can range close to 99% pure cannabis oil and is normally taken orally. Rick Simpson, the inventor, discovered bumps on his arms in 2003, it turned out to be melanoma. He applied his version of RSO on to the bumps as treatment. I love the RSO because of its long-lasting effects; it truly does last 4-8 hours. I can take it in the morning and get through a workday SMILING and I can go home and RELAX after. I do medicate while I wait to feel the RSO effects because, since it is ingested orally, it takes longer to feel the effects.  Doing so just gives me that instant relief I need to cook dinner or do some laundry. 

I hope this has helped give you a little heads up along the lines of cannabis and chronic pain. I love you all and I AM HERE TO HELP!

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