Important Updates Regarding COVID-19

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Phone Medical Consultations Now Available

Monday, April 6 – (CONSHOHOCKEN, PA) In our continuing efforts to fight community spread of COVID-19, Keystone Shops is now offering medical consultations by phone only. The process is simple and provides the same level of care while keeping staff and patients safe.

We recommend new patients take advantage of the free medical consultation, but appointments are open to all patients. To schedule a phone consultation, please follow the steps below:

Visit and sign-up for a time slot that works for you

Please arrive at your selected location about 15 minutes before your appointment. Once you arrive, please follow the steps below.

  1. Park in our private parking lot and, after putting on acceptable Personal Protective Equipment, bring both your PA Medical Marijuana card and PA issued ID card (driver’s license, etc.) to the receptionist at our front door.
  2. The receptionist will take your information including your cell phone number. New patients will need to fill out a brief intake form. You will not enter the building.
  3. Return to your vehicle and an onsite Medical Professional will call you to conduct the consultation while you stay in your vehicle.
  4. When the consultation ends you will be contacted by a sales tech to place an order. The order will then be delivered to your vehicle. You may pay with cash or debit card via a mobile credit card reader. 

COVID-19 Safety Measures Extended to November 2021

April 3, 2020 (CONSHOHOCKEN, PA) – The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) announced that COVID-19 related safety regulations have been approved to remain in effect until November 2021. This includes parking-lot delivery, remote certifications, and other regulations listed below.

Keystone Shops Implements Parking-Lot Delivery, Remote Certification Consults Approved

(Updated April 3) (CONSHOHOCKEN, PA) – Keystone Shops is excited to announce that parking lot delivery of medical marijuana is now temporarily approved. Keystone successfully submitted for emergency approval of Parking Lot Delivery to help slow the spread of COVID-19, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) temporarily approved the measure for all dispensaries across the Commonwealth. 

After successfully testing and refining processes since 4 PM Friday, March 20, Keystone Shops will implement parking lot only delivery starting Tuesday, March 24, at all Keystone locations. To utilize parking lot delivery, patients should follow these guidelines:

  • Park their vehicle on-site
  • Approach the entrance to check-in and receive instructions 
  • Be ready to answer their phone while in their vehicle 
  • View Keystone’s mobile-friendly live menu at
  • Cash and debit accepted as payments
  • Online orders are strongly encouraged, but not required 

Note: Some products that are on the list menu may not appear on the online ordering menu. This is to prevent products from being oversold. These products may still be available to purchase once you arrive at the dispensary.

Keystone’s parking lot delivery is quick and easy, and we will walk you through every step of the way. We strive to provide you with the same excellent level of patient service you’ve come to expect, and we thank you in advance for your patience as we work through these new procedures.

All of Keystone Shop’s friendly medical professional staff are available for consult via telemedicine. Interested patients can call or set up an appointment online. 

In addition to parking lot delivery, the Pennsylvania DOH has approved these safety measures to help stop community spread of COVID-19:

  • Caregivers may be assigned additional patients
  • Medical marijuana certification consultations (with appropriate medical history) & renewals may take place remotely
  • Patients may receive a 90-day supply of medical marijuana if they obtain the required authorization from an approved practitioner notated on their patient certificate

Medical marijuana dispensaries are considered a pharmacy by the state of Pennsylvania and therefore an essential business.  The non-life-sustaining business shutdowns mandated Thursday, March 20 by Governor Tom Wolf do not affect essential businesses, including Keystone Shops.  

For the most up-to-date information regarding Keystone Shops’ coronavirus action plan, please continue to visit our website at

Keystone Shops Reduces Operating Hours To Stop Virus Spread

March 18, 2020 (CONSHOHOCKEN, PA) – Keystone Shops medical marijuana dispensaries is taking additional steps to ensure patient safety during the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. With over 133 cases in Pennsylvania as of today, Keystone Shops’ top priority remains diminishing the spread of the virus while continuing to provide safe access to medical marijuana.

In addition to the steps taken last week (see below), Keystone Shops will implement the following policies:

  • Reduced operating hours to 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. at all locations
  • Staff will be assigned to and work within “teams” to reduce the chance of cross-contamination should a staff member become ill
  • Waiting room capacity will be limited to no more than 5-10 people at any given time. Patients may hand security officers their patient card and wait outside or in their vehicle for a phone call alerting them to enter the building.

Keystone Shops continues to work with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to gain approval to implement low-contact point-of-service procedures such as parking lot delivery.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are considered a pharmacy by the state of Pennsylvania and therefore an essential business. The shutdowns mandated Monday, March 16 by Governor Tom Wolf do not affect essential businesses, including Keystone Shops.

For the most up-to-date information regarding Keystone Shops’ coronavirus action plan, please continue to visit our website at

Keystone Shops Announces COVID-19 Response Plan 
Medical Marijuana Dispensary Aims to Keep Patients and Staff Safe

March 12, 2020 (CONSHOHOCKEN, PA) – Philadelphia-based Keystone Shops medical marijuana dispensaries announced a plan today designed to inhibit community spread of the new novel coronavirus, COVID-19, at their stores. The main goal of the plan, a revised version of their standard operating procedures, is to elevate patient and staff safety while maintaining patient-access to medical marijuana as long as possible.

While this plan is subject to change along with the developing coronavirus situation, the current steps being taken to battle coronavirus spread are as follows:

• Staff must take their temperature at the beginning of a shift; if a fever is detected, they must go home

• Staff must immediately wash hands upon entering the dispensary (and at all other appropriate times)

• Staff must wear medical gloves at all times and change gloves at appropriate intervals

• Each dispensary will have one staff member solely dedicated to cleaning – this includes sanitizing door knobs, touch screens, countertops, and other commonly used surfaces as every patient enters and leaves the building

• To avoid cross contamination, staff will no longer work at multiple dispensary locations; each store will have its own dedicated staff

• Patients are encouraged to stay home if they are not feeling well

In addition, Keystone Shops has formally requested the Pennsylvania Department of Health to approve an emergency procedure to permit parking lot dispensing. Once approved, this will enable online orders to be processed and delivered to patients while they remain in their cars at Keystone Shops, thereby further reducing the chance of virus spread.

“The safety of our patients and staff is our utmost concern,” said Michael Badey, President of Keystone Shops. “We understand that medical marijuana is extremely important to the health and comfort of our patients, and our hope is the proactive approach we are taking now will allow us to continue providing medical marijuana throughout the duration of this pandemic.”

With dispensaries in Devon, King of Prussia, and South Philadelphia, Keystone Shops serves thousands of medical marijuana patients, many of whom are elderly, immunocompromised, or otherwise considered higher-risk for developing serious complications or even death if infected with COVID-19, according to the World Health Organization.

The new novel coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China early last year and has since spread globally. As of March 12, Pennsylvania has a total of 21 known positive coronavirus cases, with 13 in Montgomery County.

For the most up-to-date information regarding Keystone Shops’ coronavirus action plan, please visit their website at

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