Dispensary Employee Spotlight: Lauren!

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Lauren, South Philly Dispensary Receptionist

Meet Lauren, one of our rockin’ receptionists at our South Philly location! Lauren is passionate about many things, her daughter, adventure, music, friends, and of course, cannabis! Read on to learn more about Lauren and her journey with medical marijuana.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m 26, live in Philly, and have a one-year-old daughter. I’d describe myself as adventurous and creative. I love my friends, concerts, and marijuana of course!

What made you want to try medical marijuana?

I wanted to try medical marijuana upon hearing about its potentially incredible benefits. I was also drawn to medical marijuana because of the versatility within its many different effects, products, and consumption methods.

What do you take medical marijuana for? 

Medical marijuana is a huge part of my life in helping me both physically and mentally. I lost a close loved one last year that resulted in a lot of trauma and anxiety. Marijuana has helped through the panic attacks, fatigue, mood swings, and so much more. It has a significant role in my daily life.

What products/strains/terpenes/cannabinoids/consumption methods have you found to be the most helpful for you when treating your condition?

I definitely gravitate towards flower and oils for vaping due to the variety in strains and quick acting effects. I really like capsules, specifically RSO capsules, for easy use and long lasting effects. My favorite strains usually include high amounts of limonene for mood elevation, myrcene to keep my stress down, and low amounts of pinene to help my fatigue without being overwhelming.

What would you tell patients who may have conditions or backgrounds similar to yours that are interested in trying medical marijuana for the first time?

I would tell patients to just take it slow and listen to your body. I always found it helpful to take notes about what stood out and what effects I liked in order to help formulate what works best for me.

You enjoy activities such as yoga and hiking! Does medical marijuana ever play a role in those activities for you?

Absolutely! Both the activities I use for physical benefits and stress relief- similar to marijuana! So the two definitely go hand in hand. Staying active helps to keep me grounded and spiritually in touch with myself just like marijuana does.

You have previous experience as a bartender, and now work as a dispensary technician, which some people refer to as “budtenders.” Though the terminology may make those jobs sound similar, what are the differences you’ve found between them?

Bartending is so fast paced, whereas being a technician is really patient focused which makes the interactions so much more personal. I also much prefer the product I’m working with now!

Now for some fun questions! If you were a marijuana strain, how would you describe yourself?

If I were a marijuana strain, I think I’d be a hybrid that is equally euphoric as it is chill. I’ve been told I make people smile and am a good motivator so I think that would resonate within my strain!

If you could hang out with any 3 fictional characters, who would you want to hang out with?

  1. Alice from Alice in Wonderland- she’s not afraid to go on a journey and has an amazing imagination
  2. Liz Lemon from 30 Rock- she’s hilarious and a hard worker
  3. Dumbledore
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