July Keystone Kares: SEAMAAC

Keystone Shops is very excited to feature SEAMAAC as our Keystone Kares organization for the month of July! SEAMAAC is a Philadelphia based organization that supports and serves immigrants and refugees, as well as other politically, socially, and economically marginalized communities as they seek to advance their lives in the United States. Founded by refugees in 1984, SEAMAAC stands as one of the oldest and largest refugee founded agencies in the region where they have been providing crucially needed support to tens of thousands immigrant and refugee families in the Greater Philadelphia Area for over 30 years. 

SEAMAAC affirms that immigrants and refugees are the cornerstone of our country, and they work to ensure that the contributions of immigrants and refugees are equally valued and appreciated to those who are native born. They acknowledge the unique challenges that immigrants and refugees have faced in their pursuit of freedom from war, tyranny, and oppression, and have a mission to help these individuals not only adapt and survive in the United States, but also flourish and thrive. SEAMAAC is committed to serving people regardless of race or national origins, while building a society that is based on the principles of justice and equality for all. They have a most noble mission to create a unified society where the contributions of all who live in this country are acknowledged, and can live whole and healthy lives with dignity and joy.

SEAMAAC offers a number of wonderful programs to local refugees and immigrants to further their mission. Their programs include community development through the Mifflin Square Park Project, South 7th Street Commercial Corridor Improvement SoPHiE Vendor Village, and Growing Home Gardens. They also offer Truancy Case Management, partnered with the Philadelphia Department of Human Services and the School District of Philadelphia, a Hip Hop Heritage program, and Summer WorkReady Program. Additionally, they offer hunger relief programs through food distribution and a food bank they run, as well as grocery delivery for the elderly and prepared meal distribution. On top of that, they offer health and social services such as a continuum of care program, workshops on health insurance enrollment, outreach workers, a number of domestic violence services, health and wellness support programs for the eldery, ESL, literacy, and citizenship test classes, and civic engagement programs. 

With all that SEAMAAC is able to offer the immigrant and refugee community of Philadelphia, Keystone Shops is proud to support such an organization. We strongly encourage those who can to consider donating directly, here. Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated.

For more information about SEAMAAC, please visit https://www.seamaac.org.

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