Special 7/10 Deals

Check out our product deals for 7/10 aka Oil Day!  All specials are while supplies last.  (Please note, regular “Weekly Specials” are not valid on 7/10 but will resume 7/11).

But wait, there’s more! Sign-up for Keystone Text Alerts for access to the exclusive 7/10 Flash Sale, valid in-store only from 12-4pm on 7/10. Already receiving text alerts? Watch for a text at noon on 7/10!

Disposable Pens

  • Cresco 250mg Pens
  • GTI Pens
    $60 for 2


  • 1g Carts, All Growers
  • gLeaf Cartridges
  • Cresco Reserve Carts
    $15 OFF
  • Cresco LLR Carts
    $5 OFF
  • GTI Carts
    $10 OFF


  • AgriKind Cured Sugar
    $70 for 2
  • AgriKind Wax and Crumble
    $10 OFF
  • Moxie 0.5g Concentrates
    $75 for 2

Pods, RSO & Ancillary

  • All Pods
    15% OFF
  • All RSO
    15% OFF
  • All Ancillary
    20% OFF
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