What is 7/10?

April 20th, known colloquially as 4/20, is a day once a year that marijuana enthusiasts look forward to as a celebration of all things marijuana. However, fewer people may know that July 10th, read as 7/10 on the calendar, is also a marijuana holiday! 7/10 is the recognized holiday celebrating marijuana oil products like extracts, cartridges, and concentrates!

7/10 as a marijuana oil holiday was designated because the number “710” looks like the word “OIL” when it is placed upside down and backwards. It sounds a little silly, but leave it to marijuana lovers to always find a way to celebrate! 

Cartridges and concentrates are both inhalable products that come in a variety of forms and consistencies. On any Keystone Shops’ menu, you’ll notice our cartridges are sorted by extraction methods: liquid live resin (LLR), CO2, and distillates. For some, the extraction method can play an important role in choosing the right cartridge, and if you are interested, you can read a simple summary of the extraction methods here

Concentrates are known by the many forms they come in, such as wax, sugar, live resin, shatter, sauce, and diamonds. They are generally highly potent, and their potency is often what makes them so popular, especially amongst marijuana users who have developed higher tolerances. If you think you may be interested in concentrates, you can find a helpful explanatory blog post about them here

Keystone Shops is excited to celebrate 7/10 with our patients! We have a number of 7/10 specials available, so check out any of our location’s menu pages to see what we have going on! 

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