Medical Marijuana Medical Professionals (and why you should use them!)

There’s no doubt that dispensary technicians are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to medical marijuana (and of course they should be)! Keystone Shops dispensary technicians are not only trained thoroughly so they can make the most helpful recommendations for our patients, but many of them have their own passion for medical marijuana that has allowed them to each become experts in their own right. Beyond our technicians, all Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensaries also have onsite medical professionals, who possess a wealth of knowledge all their own. You may be wondering, if technicians are so knowledgeable, then what does the medpro do? Medical professionals play an important and crucial role in medical marijuana and what they offer is unquestionably valuable.

What/Who Are Medpros

Medical professionals at PA dispensaries are pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, and/or nurse practitioners. To think that pharmacological medicine and medical marijuana don’t have anything to do with one another would be simply untrue, and these professionals’ background knowledge in such medicines allows them to offer medical advice that encompasses medical marijuana, pharmacological, and natural goals. Now, this certainly isn’t to say a technician’s advice and recommendation isn’t worthwhile, rather it is that a medical professional can answer medically-directed questions and offer advice around these goals.

Why See A Medpro

Like dispensary technicians, medpros make product recommendations for patients based on the conditions they are looking to treat, their lifestyle, and side effects they’re wary of. Many patients in the medical marijuana system, even some patients new to PA MMJ, may already feel comfortable with their own medical marijuana knowledge, and that’s certainly okay! However, there are a number of reasons to have a consultation with a medical professional before making your purchase. 

If your medical marijuana treatment is concurrent with pharmaceutical treatments and you are curious about drug interactions, it is strongly advised you speak with a medical professional. The same goes for patients who are hoping to use medical marijuana to stop taking pharmaceuticals they are already on; take this from a former dispensary technician, we know that a medical professional will be able to help you safely make that transition! While technicians are thoroughly trained in marijuana itself, medical professionals are trained in both marijuana AND pharmaceuticals, so they’ll be the best source of information if you are wondering how your current medications could interact with marijuana.

While technicians are always happy and ready to help new patients, we consistently recommend a consultation with a medical professional. For new patients, especially for those who really don’t know anything about medical marijuana (and it’s okay if you don’t, no one expects you to!), medpros can be a great resource. Their background knowledge allows them to helpfully answer your questions, as well as recommend the right products for novice and experienced users alike, all while helping you to avoid any unwanted side effects. They can come up with a safe and effective regimen for you and help you adjust that regimen as you gain more experience. Technicians know that while there are many questions we can answer, hearing it from someone with a medical background can be the reassurance a patient needs to work with medical marijuana confidently!

If you are new to medical marijuana, have medical questions relating to marijuana, or just want to say hi, our medical professionals are available! Consultations are always completely free of charge, and even during the pandemic we have medical professionals available for telemedicine appointments. If you are interested in having a consultation with a medpro, you can schedule an appointment here. Our medpros are ready and waiting, and they love when you say hi!

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