Marijuana Strains to Help Kick the Munchies

We’re at that time of year when there’s an abundance of Halloween candy and fall treats available, and with the holidays just around the corner, there are many a feast to be had! This is as great a time as any to indulge and enjoy delicious seasonal foods, and for some, the fact that marijuana helps to increase appetite is a great way to make sure you have room to try everything! That being said, the appetite-stimulating effects of marijuana can be overwhelming for some or cause physical discomfort. Not to worry though, there are options in marijuana that are great for curbing the munchies!

To be clear, this guidance on marijuana strains that can curb appetite overstimulation or suppress appetite are in no way being given as a form of dietary advice, weight loss encouragement, or anything of that nature. All bodies should be loved as they are and consuming a healthy, balanced diet that means your personal calorie needs every day is extremely important to an individual’s health; the purpose of this blog is to share information with patients who are not as comfortable with or do not like the appetite increase that can often come with marijuana consumption and how to make it more manageable.

The Munchies

THC is one of the most abundant cannabinoids in marijuana and thought to be responsible for the psychoactive effect. THC can also increase one’s appetite, sometimes significantly. This effect can be useful for patients who suffer from cachexia, cancer, or a number of other ailments that can cause lose of appetite. But, for some, this “munchie” sensation, is completely unwanted and viewed more as a side effect of consuming THC. It’s not uncommon for patients to ask for a strain or product that won’t give them the munchies, and there are a lot of options and things to look for in products that can curb these effects.

What to Know to Manage Appetite

There are certain cannabinoids and terpenes that are good to look for in strains and products if you don’t like appetite-stimulation from medical marijuana. An important cannabinoid to know in this case is THCv. THCv is a cannabinoid that can suppress appetite, as well as potentially help with aiding anxiety relief and stimulating bone growth. Though it’s not as wholly abundant as other cannabinoids, it’s a great thing to consider, and you can always ask your technician for testing results on certain strains to see if they have THCv. Additionally, the terpene humulene (which is more commonly found than THCv in strains), can also act as an appetite suppressant. 

Another thing to consider when choosing strains and products to help curb appetite is CBD. As CBD can help balance or mitigate unwanted effects from THC (such as psychoactivity), it can also help significantly reduce the “munchies” sensation. Specifically, 1:1  and high CBD products and strains can be a very effective option not only treating a number of conditions, but also in maintaining appetite management. 

Additionally, the effects of marijuana may always feel stronger to new users. That being said, with time and continued use, all of marijuana’s effects can feel much more manageable, munchies included. As an individual’s tolerance builds, so does the ability to tolerate and manage the munchies so to not feel uncomfortable.

It’s not uncommon for patients to want to reduce the effects of appetite stimulation when it comes to marijuana use. As marijuana is medicine, patients should feel as comfortable with the effects as possible so they are receiving the best health treatment for them. So if you find that the munchies are just too much for you, keep our suggestions in mind when looking for products to try. If the munchies are no problem for you, then munch away! The best treatment will always be based on the individual patient, so whatever works for you is best!

Disclaimer: These statements have not been reviewed for accuracy by the FDA. As always, seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers when considering trying a new treatment. Do not start or stop taking any medications without speaking to your doctor first. 

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