Black Friday Goes Green 2020

Join Keystone Shops as we turn this Black Friday GREEN with our weekend-long discounts from 11/27 until 11/30. Doors open at 8 am on Black Friday! Plus, don’t forget to shop online and save on 11/30 Cyber Monday. Haven’t tried online ordering yet? Learn how to use Jane here. Deals are valid at all locations and restrictions may apply, see details for more information.

11/27 Black Friday

Save 25% on all extracted products from Ilera, gLeaf, Agri-Kind, GTI, and Moxie *

Save 10% on extracted products from all other growers *

max 2 per strain, unlimited strains

11/28 Small Business Shatterday

Save 30% on all concentrates from Ilera, gLeaf, Agri-Kind, and Moxie*

max 2 per strain, unlimited strains

11/29 Sunday

Save 25% on all Tinctures, Capsules, and Topicals from all growers

11/30 Cyber Monday- Online Deals Only!

Save 25% on Cartridges from gLeaf, Agri-kind, Ilera, & Moxie*

max 2 per strain, unlimited strains

*Restrictions apply: Deals cannot be stacked with other discounts, but our team will secure the best possible discount for you! Please note that some deals are only valid on 2 per strain, unlimited strains. Other restrictions may apply.

Our Locations

With prime locations in Devon, King of Prussia, & Philadelphia, it's no wonder we are the top choice throughout the greater Philadelphia area.

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