Dispensary Employee Spotlight: Ryan F

Ryan, King of Prussia Dispensary Technician

Tell us a little bit about yourself!  

I’m Ryan and I love cannabis! I also love music, am a huge Pittsburgh sports fan, and I love my black lab, Roxey! I went to the University of Pittsburgh and was a Behavioral Therapist at a clinic for children and adults with autism before working at Keystone Shops. I have a passion for using cannabis as medicine and helping patients navigate their way through the new and exciting world of MMJ!  

What made you want to try medical marijuana?  

I have been self-medicating for many years but wanted a way to have more control over treating specific symptoms throughout my day. I also wanted to have access to various forms of consumption unavailable outside of dispensaries, such as RSO and concentrates, which have become very effective methods for me in treating my symptoms.   

What do you take medical marijuana for?   

I use medical marijuana mostly to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety stemming from PTSD. I find MMJ to be most effective in enhancing my mood, fighting fatigue, and helping to ease gastrointestinal symptoms caused by a sometimes inconsistent diet. Occasionally, medical marijuana has assisted me in regulating my sleep schedule and getting me to sleep quickly when needed.  

What products/strains/terpenes/cannabinoids/consumption methods have you found to be the most helpful for you when treating your condition?  

I find concentrates to be the most effective form of consumption to treat my particular symptoms. The high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes found in these products, particularly limonene, are very effective in regulating my mood. I also use cartridges and occasionally topicals to treat soreness in my feet. My favorite strains are Golden Goat, Full Nelson, and Sugar Plum Sunset!  

What would you tell patients who may have conditions or backgrounds similar to yours that are interested in trying medical marijuana for the first time?  

I would tell them to seriously consider trying it out and joining the program! It has helped me immensely and has changed my life significantly for the better. Even for people who are new to medical marijuana, there are so many options in terms of how you consume this medicine.  

You previously worked with kids and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder! Do you ever find that your passion for supporting people with ASD ever ties into your passion for medical marijuana (since it’s a qualifying condition in PA)?  

Yes, I do! I was always very excited about the connection between the two and it’s amazing to hear stories from patients and caregivers who have found improved quality of life since joining the program. Pennsylvania is one of the first states to list ASD as a qualifying condition for their MMJ program, and it is so cool to even see some of the growers producing products specifically for that population of patients. One of my favorite parts of this job is being able to help these patients and also share my experiences having worked in both fields with the people I work with!  

What advice would you offer individuals or parents of children with ASD who may be interested in considering marijuana as treatment?  

I would tell them to approach the process with an open mind and to be patient. It often can take trying multiple products, and sometimes even a combination of products, to find the perfect balance of relief for whatever specific symptoms or behaviors you are looking to combat. It truly is a trial-and-error process. Also, don’t always discount products that may have a somewhat higher dose of THC; in talking to many parents and caregivers, these are sometimes the products in which they find the most success.  

Here’s some more fun questions! What are your favorite munchies to snack on?  

I love those flat pretzels! I think they’re called pretzel crisps. I also love Chick-Fil-A, but that’s not really a snack, as well as butterscotch krimpets!  

If you could live in any fictional universe, where would you want to live?  

One of the universes in Rick and Morty so I could laugh all the time! Probably the one where all the people are furniture and all the furniture are people!

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