Keystone Kares: African Family Health Organization

February 2021

As healthcare and patient care are at the heart of Keystone Shops, we understand how imperative sensitive healthcare is to our community. We at Keystone Shops are so enthusiastic about featuring the African Family Health Organization as our Keystone Kares for the month of February. Founded in 2005, African Family Health Organization provides amazing healthcare services to the African and Carribean immigrant and refugee communities of the greater Philadelphia area.

With an estimated 60,000 African and Caribbean immigrants and refugees living in the greater Philadelphia area, there is no doubt that the community has been enriched by the presence of these neighbors. This community has also faced challenges because of cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic barriers, including, but not limited to, poverty, chronic infectious disease and illness, housing instability, food insecurity, joblessness, and fear of navigating complex health and social services. 

African Family Health Organization has a history of focusing on preventive healthcare for the African and Caribbean immigrant and refugee local communities. Their mission is to address the unmet healthcare needs of members of these communities, as cultural, geographical, linguistic, and other barriers have made access to human services notably difficult. AFAHO provides culturally and linguistically sensitive health, human, and educational services to these communities, and facilitates in social integration of these communities with peer support. AFAHO strongly believes that despite the adjustment difficulties immigrants and refugees may face, that they also have the wisdom, strength, skills to enrich the cultural tapestry and contribute to the development of the local communities that they reside in. 

AFAHO’s work aims to promote independence and self-sufficiency, as well as improving healthcare outcomes in these communities. By cultivating deep connections and trust with their target communities, they have helped to improve the lives of many African and Caribbean immigrant and refugee community members. AFAHO offers a number of programs including a behavioral health program for children, breast cancer awareness and education programs, HIV/AIDS education, maternal and child health programs, obesity prevention, childcare co-op, and other human services. There is no doubt that the services they provide have helped members of our community, and in turn, helped our community as a whole.

Keep an eye out as Keystone Shops will feature different ways to support African Family Health Organization throughout the month of February. To learn more about AFAHO, visit

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