Keystone Kares: Women in Transition

March 2021

In the spirit of Women’s History Month (or HERstory for that matter), Keystone Shops is thrilled to be featuring Women in Transition as our Keystone Kares for the month of March. Women in Transition is an organization that empowers and helps individuals struggling in situations of domestic violence and substance abuse. Women in Transition offers their services to people 14 years and older of any gender identity and sexual orientation, and with so many services that they offer, that are undoubtedly an invaluable part of our community.


Women in Transition has a history of helping members of the community starting in 1971 as a resource for women experiencing life changing transitions. Since then, they have grown to be an inclusive organization leading in the violence against women movement, with notable acts like facilitating in the 2003 Domestic Violence Summit (Philadelphia’s first!) and initiating the creation of the Philadelphia Domestic Violence Hotline. Their mission is to empower women to attain safety, equality, and justice, and build self-sustaining lives for themselves and their families, as well as work with the community to create an intolerance of gender-based violence, substance abuse, and poverty. 


The foundation of WIT’s work is empowerment counseling to help those struggling with abuse move forward and take back the power in their lives. Their philosophy comes from a place of intersectional feminism, recognizing and tackling the different factors that can have a role in the experience of abuse such as race, socioeconomic class, ethnicity, religion, and difficulties surrounding wage gap, pregnancy in abusive situations, being a primary caregiver for a child or children and the stigma that surrounds seeking help in these situations. As previously mentioned, WIT serves individuals of every gender identity and sexual orientation, as domestic abuse can affect anyone regardless of such factors. By taking intersectionality into careful consideration of how each survivor’s experience with abuse can be differ, Women in Transition is able to offer a number of wonderful services to help those in need. 


With so many ways to help, Women in Transition offers an abundance of resources and services. WIT offers telephone counseling via their WIT Lifeline as well as the Philadelphia Domestic Abuse Hotline, which are confidential, equipped with professionals trained to help, and available in several languages. Additionally, WIT offers counseling and advocacy services, peer support groups like Peer Empowerment Group, Sister Circle, and recovery support groups, substance abuse intervention, and WAVE self-defense training. Women in Transition also offers referrals for those who have loved ones who may be in need, education and training services covering a wide range of topics for various audiences, and the Gearing Up Biking Program, which creates a safe and supportive environment for those in need. 


With all the amazingly helpful resources and services that Women in Transition offers, it is clear that they provide an undeniably necessity for our community, and Keystone Shops is very proud to be featuring them. Keep an eye out all month for ways you can help support Women in Transition. To learn more about Women in Transition, visit and if you’d like to make a donation to them directly, you can do so here

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