All About 420!

In the world of marijuana, April is like the holiday season. Why is that? Because April 20th (known more simply as 4/20) is a celebration of all things marijuana! 4/20 is essentially a marijuana enthusiasts holiday, in which we rejoice in this beloved plant and all the ways it has helped us patients. 

So why 4/20? What’s so special about the number? It does seem random, and truthfully, the full history of 420 is a bit hazy (no pun intended). There are a few theories of where the number stems from, some attributing it to an alleged police code for marijuana (emphasis on alleged), or an old Bob Dylan song. The truth of the matter is a bit simpler. 

The story of 420 comes from a group of high school students in California known as “the Waldos” (the name came from a wall spot they used to hang out at every day). The Waldos were avid marijuana users, and were once told by a Coast Guard member that there was free, unattended marijuana that they could have if they found it. Every day at 4:20 PM, the Waldos would meet up, use marijuana, and look for this free stash. To remind each other to meet up, the code 420 was used to avoid the suspicion of teachers and parents, and thus a legacy was born. 

Members of the Waldos had personal connections to the band The Grateful Dead, and with The Grateful Dead’s influence, the term was popularized as we know it today. 420 is about as commonly known in the marijuana world as anything, so every year on April 20th, we of the marijuana community get to enjoy the opportunity to celebrate! 

Keystone Shops is excited to enjoy 420 with our patients, and we’re of course offering deals to celebrate with! We look forward to seeing you there, and be sure to have a Happy Holidaze!

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