Dispensary Employee Spotlight: Eva!


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi! My name is Eva and I am a potter. I graduated from West Chester University with a B.F.A with a concentration in ceramics. I was adopted from Peru and recently found out that I am 90% Native which is pretty cool. I always have my headphones on, so I’m always listening to audiobooks, the Preston and Steve Podcast, and Phish. I live my life for cheeseburgers and rootbeer.

What made you want to try medical marijuana?

I have always had a relationship with marijuana but when anxiety finally made it on the list of qualifying conditions in PA, I received my card and I was on my way to learning even more about it.

What do you take medical marijuana for?

I have chronic pain. I had double knee surgery when I was only 15 years old and as I get older, my body is just at its “nope” stage. I also have anxiety that has definitely gotten much more manageable. I used to suffer from debilitating panic attacks but myrcene is a miracle terpene for me. Insomnia has been a normal in my life as well. Everyone who knows me, knows about how bad my insomnia is and I have really bad reactions to most of the medications I have tried. Last but not least, I have struggled with ADD all of my life. I tried so many different medications but I do not react well and they created a poor quality of life. Now that I understand terpene profiles, I can figure out the right blend of products that boost my productivity and focus to conquer every day.

What products/strains/terpenes/cannabinoids/consumption methods have you found to be the most helpful for you when treating your condition?

At first I was really into cartridges because of their convenience. My favorite cartridge only came around one time though, and it was the Cresco Reserve sativa cross between Sojay Haze x Ghost Train Haze. Best ever, but again, I only saw it once. Flower is now my go to because of the effects and flavor. My favorite blend for the morning is Grapefruit Durban mixed with Chronald because it gets me focused and ready for the day. I have recently just started using concentrates (I know I’m late to the game) but I really love the effects and clarity of them. Pelirroja is a favorite of mine! Also, I LOVE the gLeaf Indica Grape flavored Tincture, the Dr Solomon’s 1:1 Transdermal Lotion, AND the Cresco Remedi Pain Relief Topical Lotion for my aching body. My favorite terpenes are Myrcene and Terpinolene for sure.

What would you tell patients who may have conditions or backgrounds similar to yours that are interested in trying medical marijuana for the first time?

Do it! Medical marijuana has given me such an enhanced quality of life. I would be taking so many pharmaceutical drugs right now that gave me all of the negative side effects, but now I can manage my issues with marijuana, and these products can be traced from the seed to my house and that makes me feel better about what I am consuming.

You’ve studied the art of ceramics and are a potter! Do you think that marijuana ever plays a role in the art you make or your artistic process?

Yes! Getting the right blend for focus and creativity is key. The trick is to set myself up for success to maximize productivity, and then I get to work. A lot of it has to do with controlling my ADD and that then leads to me getting focused. Being a successful artist and studio manager takes a lot of concentration and organization. Marijuana helps me immensely.

With all your camp training you’ve developed some great survival skills! Do you think marijuana would be a part of your zombie apocalypse plan?

Of course! It would be a sustainable resource! Fuel, medication, food, clothing, paper products, ropes and oils. Use a sativa before going out for patrolling so I was revved up for action. Indica for my anxiety because there are freaking zombies out there.

What is your favorite music to listen to after you medicate?

Phish 100%. I love dancing all crazy while I clean my house, or take my pups for a walk. I definitely listen to a lot of audiobooks though as well. I can go through a book a week.

Since you’re a big Harry Potter fan, what Hogwarts house are you in and what would you want to learn at Hogwarts?

So, I am in Slytherin but I promise I am not a bully. I just am really ambitious and I HAVE to achieve my goals. I would love to learn apparition! Transport myself anywhere in an instant. That or I would love to learn charm work as well. Ugh I love the Harry Potter Universe!

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