Dispensary Employee Spotlight: Dave!


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m an active member of my community in Norristown, an amateur powerlifter, and a politics/data nerd. I’ve been training for powerlifting for over 12 years and in 2019 I placed first in the USAPL PA State Championship in the 265lbs class. I’ve also been in a wide range of roles in political campaigns over the years. I want to be an example to help destigmatize what a marijuana consumer can be — a well-articulated athlete who can work a spreadsheet.

What made you want to try medical marijuana?
Being a patient gave me a lot more information on the marijuana that I was consuming. With the PA MMJ focus on getting the most accurate testing data to the consumer, I can make the best decision about my cannabis on the numbers, which makes my data nerd side happy! Now I know exactly what specific strains help me relax or help with anxiety relief.

What do you take medical marijuana for?
Primarily, I use it to help ease my anxiety but I’ve also used it for major cases of muscle soreness and to help my appetite for when I’m in training and need to get more calories, protein, and carbs into my diet.

What products/strains/terpenes/cannabinoids/consumption methods have you found to be the most helpful for you when treating your condition?
Myrcene, caryophyllene, and humulene are the most important terps I look for in recuperation after heavy workouts or if I’m feeling physically overworked. For appetite and after workouts I prefer to vape concentrates for the maximum effect for muscle relaxation and to get my hunger going to help recovery. I recommend strains like Pyromancy, Ice Cream Cake, and PT Starqueen for after workouts, and then for increasing appetites, I would recommend Sojay Haze, Grapefruit Durban, and White Widow.

What would you tell patients who may have conditions or backgrounds similar to yours that are interested in trying medical marijuana for the first time?
Athletes have nothing to fear and everything to gain from marijuana. It will not sap your motivation or make you lazy. Many leagues are starting to get the message and are no longer testing for cannabis as they may have years ago.

It’s awesome that you have experience working on political campaigns! What are your thoughts on the medical marijuana political climate in PA, and what areas of progress do you hope to see moving forward?
Having worked on political campaigns for ten years, I’ve learned how efficient messaging can better illustrate what data and statistics can’t. People’s attitude towards marijuana has changed drastically from where it was 20 years ago. In order for the program to grow and help more people with different ailments, we need legislators from outside the cities and suburbs to hear from their constituents about how marijuana has helped them. Democracy works when more people are active members in the discussion. Encourage your friends and family in the rural areas to tell their elected offices how marijuana has helped them or someone they know. Hopefully in the next few years, all the jobs created by the grower/processors that are in those rural areas will help change the message here in PA.

In working with Montgomery County Register of Wills and Orphans Court, you have certainly developed a great sense of empathy! Do you think that helps you in your current role at Keystone Shops?
Immensely. I had the honor to serve the people of Montgomery County in both times of loss and joyous occasions, like issuing marriage licenses. It was my responsibility to help people navigate the processes of our offices and it was the goal of the whole staff to make sure that everyone was treated with respect and dignity. We at Keystone Shops, also work as a team to ensure our patients’ needs are heard and are given well-educated advice on products that will be effective.

What are your favorite munchies snacks after medicating?
Hummus and pita chips, wasabi almonds, and dried pineapple.

You’re a Philly Auto Show goer! Do you have a dream car, and if so, what is it?
When you walk through the Convention center and see not just the new models, but some of the most legendary sports cars of the past, it gives you a new perspective. 1969 Chevy Chevelle with a big block V8, because why else?

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