Oral Ingestibles Aka How to Eat Your Medical Marijuana

A common question that patients may wonder is how or if they can eat their marijuana. While marijuana edibles like gummies, candies, and pastries aren’t currently approved for consumption in PA, there are alternative kinds of products that are consumed the same way or similar and have the same effect! Orally ingesting marijuana can be a great option for patients looking for longer-lasting effects or something that can be easily consumed, and the PA marijuana program provides a number of different options.

Ingesting Medical Marijuana Safely

Of all the medical marijuana consumption methods available, orally ingesting marijuana has the longest titration time to feel the effects (about 1-2 hours), however, it also has the longest lasting effects (6-8 hours). It is very important to remember that because of ingestible products’ slow onset, that a patient should be sure to give the product the proper amount of time to set it in before taking another dose. While not deadly, overconsuming marijuana products can leave patients feeling very uncomfortable, so taking it slowly with ingestible products is key. 

Orally consumed marijuana products may have stronger feeling effects, especially with products that are highly potent like RSOs. However, this can vary depending on a patient’s individual tolerance as well as how much (and what) a patient has eaten that day and their individual metabolism. 

There are a number of orally ingestible products carried through the PA medical marijuana program, being marijuana capsules, tablets, and a number of ingestible oils. Capsules, including RSO capsules, softgel capsules, and tablets, are already dosed out for patients and are swallowed whole. Because the capsules are already dosed, it can help patients keep track of exactly how much marijuana they are consuming. 

Ingestible oils include RSOs, terpene applicators, sauce applicators, and distillate applicators. The main difference among these products is their extraction method, but generally, they are all notably potent products. These products are consumed by squeezing a small amount of the oil (usually about half a grain of rice worth) onto a piece of food or candy and then eaten. 

Marijuana and Food

Products like ingestible oils as well as tinctures can be safely combined with food and eaten as another option of oral marijuana ingestion. Tinctures and ingestible oils are active products, meaning they have already been decarboxylated so they can be readily added to food. Tinctures are generally used sublingually (under the tongue), so know that if you ingest a tincture orally, it will not have the same effect as when it is used sublingually and will act the same way as other orally ingested products. 

As mentioned, products like tinctures and ingestible oils are already decarboxylated, so they can be added directly to food or beverage without having to be prepared any other kind of way first. Ingestible oils do tend to be much thicker oils, especially RSOs, and have a strong taste, so what food it is prepared with will depend very much so on the patient.

Orally ingested marijuana products can prove to be a great option for many patients, especially given the ease of use and familiarity for many. Like all marijuana products, the reaction to consuming marijuana like this will vary from patient to patient, and may require some degree of trial and error. That being said, if this is something that sounds interesting, consider giving it a shot and trying a capsule or an ingestible oil!

Disclaimer: These statements have not been reviewed for accuracy by the FDA. As always, seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider when considering trying a new treatment. Do not start or stop taking any medications without speaking to your doctor first. 





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