Keystone Kares: Flying Samaritans

September 2021


As an essential medical facility, Keystone Shops knows how important access to healthcare is on a global level, especially as we’ve seen the devastation caused by COVID-19. This month, Keystone Shops is excited to feature Flying Samaritans as our September Keystone Kares for the third year in a row! 


Flying Samaritans are a group of medical professionals (physicians, nurses, dentists, etc) who offer medical assistance and care as well as education to people in rural areas of Mexico, all completely free of charge. The Flying Samaritans can only work in areas with no doctors unless working with other Mexican doctors, and they provide care for 60% of the Mexican population that is ineligible for Mexico’s social security medical care. On top of that, this group of over 1,500 members also use their services to help with disaster relief. 


Flying Samaritans have 4 main missions: primary care, specialty care, emergency care, and education. They work with (and at the invitation of) UABC (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California), as part of their mission to also help train medical and dental graduates who want to gain practical experience and help make a difference. 


This is an organization that is especially close to our hearts at Keystone Shops. Before he passed away in 2018, Keystone Shops’ Chief Medical Officer, Louis van deer Beek, MD, spent countless hours working with Flying Samaritans (specifically, the Rosarito Beach chapter). Having spent so much of his time and resources to ensure that proper medical care would reach those in need, he has undoubtedly left a legacy that has touched a number of lives, and Keystone Shops is honored to uphold it.

Keystone Shops is humbled to support such a deserving organization, and all month long we will be accepting donations and highlighting products with proceeds going directly to Flying Samaritans. For more information, please visit

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