Keystone Shops was formed by a team who came together with a decades-long, broad, deep and diverse business history in southeastern Pennsylvania. Team members started and continue to operate successful small businesses which serve the same southeastern Pennsylvania communities which will be served by the three Keystone locations. Keystone’s goal is to make medical marijuana available to as many qualifying Pennsylvanians as possible, as soon as possible.


Keystone Shops provides welcoming and informative destinations for patients registered in the PA Medical Marijuana program, seeking to be the dispensary of choice to aid in the healing process.


Working together with community leaders, residents and patients will ensure proper communication and identify required education so that medical cannabis will be accepted, safe and helpful in the community. Keystone Shops will help separate myth from fact across topics such as community safety, medicine safety, and therapeutic effectiveness. Keystone Shops promises to listen to the community’s health needs and optimize its mix of medicine and therapies. Keystone Shops’ promise is to help its community become stronger and healthier in mind, body, and spirit.



Chief Executive Officer

A talented financial and business professional, Michael has been the primary project manager and the driver behind the compilation of Keystone’s dispensary permit application (and subsequent permit award), site selection, business structuring, and branding. Michael’s leadership skills have enabled him to build the Keystone Shops’ team from the ground up while conducting concurrent projects across lease negotiations, zoning, interior design, business plan modeling, and grower-processor/vendor management. He has trained in ASA’s program for Patient Focused Certification in the cannabis industry, covering safety, regulations, medical efficacy and wellness.

M. LOUIS van de BEEK, M.D., M.B.A.

Chief Medical Officer

A 27 year practitioner of primary care in Philadelphia, Dr. van de Beek has an extensive background in public health, having served as Director of Maternal and Child Health for the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health. He subsequently served as Director of Medical Affairs, Policy and Planning for the AIDS Activities Coordinating Office of that department, and is a founding member of the Philadelphia chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility.


General Manager

A deeply committed dispensary operations professional, Jason brings over seven years of compassionate work with patients and dispensary operations experience. Known for his friendly demeanor, deep knowledge of cannabis medicine and commitment to quality, Jason will be leading our dispensary store management. He is trained in ASA’s program for Patient Focused Certification in the cannabis industry, covering safety, regulations, medical efficacy and wellness.