Sleep & Medical Marijuana
  As we know, medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is directly prescribed to treat a number of qualifying conditions. That being...
Oral Ingestibles Aka How to Eat Your Medical Marijuana
A common question that patients may wonder is how or if they can eat their marijuana. While marijuana edibles like...
All About 420!
In the world of marijuana, April is like the holiday season. Why is that? Because April 20th (known more simply...
Marijuana Myths
Many adult medical marijuana users may have been surprised to see marijuana legalized, especially within their lifetime. Why is that?...
Marijuana Strains to Help Kick the Munchies
We’re at that time of year when there’s an abundance of Halloween candy and fall treats available, and with the...
The Gateway Theory: Why It’s Wrong
Marijuana users, ranging from those who have been using for the past 40 years to those who had drug related...
Medical Marijuana Medical Professionals (and why you should use them!)
There’s no doubt that dispensary technicians are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to medical marijuana (and of course they should...
What are Medical Marijuana Side Effects? (& How to Avoid Them!)
Marijuana is a unique medicine, which has been beneficial to a multitude of different people with a multitude of different...
What is 7/10?
April 20th, known colloquially as 4/20, is a day once a year that marijuana enthusiasts look forward to as a...
What is a hybrid? Not quite a sativa and not quite an indica either, Hybrids are a categorization of marijuana...
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