Become a

A caregiver is someone who can pick up medical marijuana at a dispensary on a patient's behalf. Each patient may designate up to two caregivers. Minor patients are required to have a caregiver.

Becoming a Caregiver

1. Sign up online

2. Complete background check

3. Complete authorization form

  • If you are a caregiver for a minor but not the patient's parent, legal guardian or spouse, you will need to be designated as a third-party caregiver
  • Complete an 'authorization to designate a third-party caregiver' form and upload the completed form back to your caregiver profile

4. Pay for your card

  • Submit the $50 fee for card; patients enrolled in Medicaid, PAC, CHIP, SNAP, and WIC may be eligible for a discount
  • You will receive your card via mail

5. Visit a dispensary

  • Once you receive your card in the mail, you may visit Keystone Shops or any other approved dispensary in the state of PA
  • Bring your state issued ID
  • First time patients and caregivers are welcome to a free consultation with a medical professional at the dispensary

For more information, please contact the medical marijuana help desk at 888-733-5595 or visit

Pennsylvania Caregivers must

  • Be at least 21 years old (If you are under 21 years of age but would like to be considered as a caregiver for a patient, email the Department of Health . In the email, please provide information about your relationship to the patient and why you should be allowed to serve as their caregiver.)
  • Be a Pennsylvania resident
  • Have a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license or a state-issued ID card (with current address)
  • Complete a criminal history background check
  • Not have been convicted of a criminal offense relating to the sale or possession of drugs, narcotics, or a controlled substance in the last five years
  • Register and obtain an ID card that will allow you to pick up medical marijuana at a Pennsylvania dispensary

Find a Caregiver

PA allows patients to designate up to two caregivers. PA also has an internal caregiver program that will help assign you a caregiver if you are unable to obtain one.

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