How to participate in PA’s Medical Marijuana Program

In order to participate in the Medical Marijuana Program, a physician must:

  1. Apply to the department to be registered with the program.
  2. Demonstrate to the department by training or expertise that he or she is qualified in treating serious medical conditions.
  3. Successfully complete the required four-hour course established by the department.
  4. Hold a valid, unexpired, unrevoked, unsuspended Pennsylvania license to practice medicine.

The department is developing the process for a physician to register with the Medical Marijuana Program. The department will make it as easy as possible for physicians to participate in the program and will make applications available to physicians on its website. The department will communicate once the application is available.

Safe Harbor Process

The Department of Health has defined a  safe harbor process for children under the age of 18 who require medical marijuana due to a serious medical conditions.  Physicians hoping to help their pediatric patients who may benefit can learn more about the process from this letter to doctors by the Department of Health.

Letter to Doctors

Read a letter to Pennsylvania doctors from the Department of Health about the recent enactment of the Medical Marijuana Act and the Safe Harbor Provision contained within the law.

Letter to Doctors


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