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Keystone Shops provides convenient accessibility to a broad spectrum of top-quality marijuana medicines. With three locations across the greater Philadelphia area, online product reservation, and Caregiver Services, we take every available step to support your health, wellness, and satisfaction.

Top-Quality Marijuana Products for a Variety of Needs

Locally owned and operated, Keystone Shops was one of the first dispensaries in the state to be awarded a license. We take our responsibility to our patients very seriously and continue to inform, educate, and champion the needs of our friends, neighbors, and first-time shoppers.

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Keystone Shops encourages you to check our daily/weekly discounts and browse an exceptional selection of therapeutic options. Our list of concentrates, flower, tinctures, and topicals are sure to satisfy your preferences and requirements. Feel free to ask for explanations and recommendations. We’re here because we fully believe in the medicinal benefits of the products we offer.


This nearly pure form of marijuana contains the most rewarding components of the marijuana plant, including the cannabinoid profile containing THC, CBD, and terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic oils that create distinctive flavors and distinguish the effects of the marijuana strain. The dosage for concentrated forms of marijuana is measured in milligrams (mg).


The flower of marijuana is the most popular form and wonderfully versatile. It can be rolled into a joint, smoked out of a pipe/water pipe, or used with a vaporizer. The effects are immediate. Loose flower eliminates stems, leaves, and seeds.


Most often taken orally, sublingually, or mixed with tea and sipped, tinctures are glycerine based or alcohol extracted. Allowing a single drop to be dispensed at a time, tinctures offer precision dosing and are exceptionally discrete.


Gaining popularity due to anti-inflammatory properties, topicals are applied locally and often used to treat joint and muscle pain and to alleviate arthritis symptoms. There are no psychoactive effects.

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With prime locations in Devon, King of Prussia, & Philadelphia, it's no wonder we are the top choice throughout the greater Philadelphia area. Reserve products online, get your medical marijuana dropped off at your home, or schedule an appointment below.

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