Recap of the First Two Weeks of Keystone Shops

On Wednesday, February 14 2018, Keystone Shops had its Open House for the Media. The morning crew opened the Shop at 4 AM for the CBS Morning Show and the TV Vans and media just kept on coming. Speakers included former Philadelphia Flyer Riley Cote, Autism Activist Erica Daniels, PA State Senator Daylin Leach and Dr. M. Louis van de Beek, Keystone Shops’ Chief Medical Officer. Several interviews helped spread the word about the new facility.





Keystone Shops opened its doors for business on Friday, February 16 with the first 13 patients to be served in the Southeast region of PA. That Friday was an appointment only day and provided a comfortable pace for our patients, physician, pharmacist, and team.


The relatively quiet pace was contrasted with our Grand Opening on Saturday, February 17 when over 150 people showed up to be served. The Easttown Police provided traffic control and four members of the Titanium Security crew helped organize and provide direction for newly arriving patients.



All told, Keystone Shops was open for eight days and served over 200 patients before product availability dropped to a trickle.   Product began arriving again in the middle of March and the dispensary has remained open ever since.