GP Spotlight: Grassroots

Name: Grassroots Located: Chambersburg, PA Founded: 2016 Operating in: Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Dakota Contact: info@grassrootscannabis.comI Grassroots is a vertically integrated Grower/Processor in PA, with over 30 licenses across 7 states! Within PA, Grassroots grow operation is located in Chambersburg and their dispensaries, named Herbology, can be found across the state. In total, […]

Grower/Processor Spotlight: Vireo Health

Name: Vireo Health Located: New York Founded: 2015 Operating in: Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Rhode Island, Arizona, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico and Puerto Rico HQ: Scantron, PA Contact: About: Vireo Health is a physician-led organization who believes in formulating medical products using the highest-quality scientific methods. Dr. Kyle Kingsley, Founder & CEO […]

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